Wayfarer Farm
These are photos mostly from 1979.  
While I was going to Wayfarer Farm School.
Sue in field
In field with mushrooms, pretending to eat them... why?  who knows!?
John came out to hang with us and the baby goats.
Nils at laundry
Anne at folk festival
Sue at festival
Sue on my bed
Sue on my bed still
Sue, being silly
We covered ourselves in clothes and took odd pictures, for what reason I do not remember.
Sue on phone
Serena sweeping
Serena and Sue in dining area, looking into living room.
Bill and Anne in the kitchen.
Front deck.  Dorothy, Bill and ...  David??
Nils at black hose, solar heat.  We also used wood fire to heat water.
Our laundry
John washing his face.  Shower behind him, Hot water in front.
Our shower, yes it is out side.
Sherri after our mud fight.  The picture of me was stollen.
Me with my sister Susan and my Mom taken around the same time.
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