Wayfarer Farm

It seems from my web searches, that the site of Wayfarer is now a winery.  This is information I found about the winery
Jason Pahlmeyer, a Napa vintner known for distinctive Merlot, Cabernet blends, and Chardonnay, purchased land on the Sonoma Coast in 1996. The site is a 70 acre organic farm above the fog line that produced vegetables and fruit for upscale Bay Area restaurants. 30 acres have been planted to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in a 4:1 ratio. 
A winery will be completed on site by 2004 and the first releases will be in 2005 or 2006. The wines will be released under the Wayfarer Farm label. Pahlmeyer drew inspiration for this venture from Helen Turley. He has stated that tasting her Pinot Noir from the Sonoma Coast was an epiphany,  the finest Pinot Noir he had ever tasted and better than any Richebourg or La Tache that he had experienced.

    33250 King Ridge Road   
    Cazadero,  CA    95421
    School Code: 494007
My Story:
I am Rebecca Lundin Bryant and I was there 1977-1979.    I chose this school, after being told I must go away to boarding school.  It was a self sufficient farm.  We had from 2 to 5 teachers and 10-12 students.  Each week we contracted to study so much math, english... special interests.  It was really left up to us.  As long as we got in the required number of hours of each subject in a year we were allowed to schedule as we liked.  The ‘contract’ we made became an art project.  I would color and draw around it.  We studied on our own, asking the teachers for help as we needed.
Before school and after school we did chores, but there was also free time to follow interests.  I really loved it at Wayfarer, and was terribly sad to leave.

The people I remember:
John Newell, Anne Muller, Sue, Bill, Cress, Shelly, David Greenfield, Erica Davis, Serena, Nils Davis, Jeff Dave Davis, Dorothy Davis.....

More info
The school was operated by David C. and Dorothy Davis. David C. Davis, the author of Model for a Humanistic Education, was attempting to put to work what he had learned in the folk-high-schools of Denmark. 
(The school later closed, for want of sufficient funding.)
Wayfarer Farm School
Here are a few photoshttp://www.rebawho.com/wayfarer/Photos.htmlshapeimage_8_link_0